Classic Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions are a perfect way to enhance your natural lashes. By placing one synthetic individual lash onto one of your natural lashes, we can create a more noticeable but natural lightweight look!

Fresh Set of Classic Lashes
30 minute Classic Infill
45 minute Classic Infill
60 minute Classic Infill
Lash Removal

Pre-made Russian Lashes

For a fuller, alluring look, our Pre-Made Russian Volume lash extensions are a quicker alternative to our fabulous Hand Made Russian lashes. Using the same system as our Classic Lashes, we apply a Pre-Made fan of up to 5 ultra thin lashes to one of your natural lashes, creating a much fuller false lash effect.

Fresh Set of Pre-Made Russian Lashes
30 minute Pre-Made Russian Infill
45 minute Pre-Made Russian Infill
60 minute Pre-Made Russian Infill
Lash Removal

Hand Made Russian Lashes

Hand Made Russian Volume Lash Extensions use an advanced technique performed only by our most highly qualified lash technicians. Using multiple ultra fine lash extensions, our skilful therapists can create fans of up to 10 lashes which are made at the time of application. These are our fluffiest and most versatile lashes!

Fresh Set of Hand Made Russian Lashes
45 minute Hand Made Russian Infill
60 minute Hand Made Russian Infill
75 minute Hand Made Russian Infill
Lash Removal

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a combination of both Classic and Russian lashes creating a unique, individual result every time. Our Hybrid Lashes allow you to combine the best of both worlds with the full, fluffy effect of Russian alongside the slick definition that a Classic Lash brings.

Fresh Set of Classic & Pre-Made Hybrid
30 minute Classic & Pre-Made Infill
45 minute Classic & Pre-Made Infill
60 minute Classic & Pre-Made Infill
Fresh Set of Classic & Hand Made Hybrid
45 minute Classic & Hand Made Infill
60 minute Classic & Hand Made Infill
75 minute Classic & Hand Made Infill
Lash Removal

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